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KALINI TECH was founded with the need to provide the best software solutions at the most affordable prices for businesses worldwide. KALINI TECH is a software development company and SEO experts with a track record of building niche and innovative software solutions of international standards that solve problems in our communities and help our clients run and manage their businesses better....Our diverse team of software developers, digital strategists, thought leaders, techpreneur software enthusiasts and geeks are passionate about building excellent quality, functional and exceptional web and software solutions, closing the digital divide and software development gaps in emerging and under-served communities and redefining the future.
We are globally recognized for our innovative approach towards delivering business value and our commitment to sustainability. As at KALINI TECH we champion utilization of natural resources, capital and talent.
We as KALINI TECH COMPANY Team we are always committed to enable swift, practical and meaningful transformation of critical business and IT functions that ensures your organization's success by delivering measurable and lasting improvements in performance, productivity, quality and be cost-effective. To achieve and push the level of performance at all times. Leveraging the power of technology, To deliver end-to-end solutions for multi-million dollar funded start-ups to small and medium enterprises.


KALINI TECH works with its clients’ globally as partners to conceptualize and realize technology driven business transformation initiatives. Forming long-term client partnerships making us part of the system that enable us to understand our client’s needs, customer's industry landscape, operating environment and business challenges to be able to provide lasting value through our services
We have delivered high-quality software to our clients by applying innovative cutting edge proven technologies in our design and in addition to working hard implementing features to meet the international standard at flexible rates.
We provide consulting and outsourcing services envision and pioneer the adoption of the flexible global business practices that today enable companies to operate more efficiently and produce more value.
KALINI TECH puts together a bunch of passionate minds to transform your visions into reality impacting an awesome digital experience for your users. From website design/development to scalable mobile apps, the solution we engineer accelerate efficiency and fuel growth for our clients. Let us do the same for your business


To deliver value by providing innovative software solutions without compromising quality for people everywhere.


To build a world class solution company employing industry’s best practices to offering solutions to clients and creating wealth for stakeholders.

Our Services

Software development

We design, build, deploy and maintain innovative custom software from high-quality websites,UI/UX design to scalable mobile Apps

Ads And Promotion

We deploy variety of marketing tools to reach large audience I.e Bulky SMS, USSD,Email Campaigns,Whatsapp Marketing, Merchandise Branding, Graphic designing,Plus discounted airtime

Management Systems

Our software products cover a wide variety of business applications; both private companies and federal government agencies; from financial institutions like banks to schools, trading companies, manufacturing companies, hotels and hospitals.

Payment intergration

All Bank Cards intergration both Credit and Debit,Crypto Payment,M-PESA Paybill/Till number automation,including international money transfer Payments(paypal,stripe,wise...)

Internet Service Provision(Wi-Fi)

Gain easy access to quality internet at lower prices.

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Our Core Values are acronymed from our Company Name, Click each letter below to see its worth


By Investing in training and other knowledge-building initiatives and by our collaborative efforts to accumulate, share and apply knowledge, we nurture our incessant endeavor to master the latest in technology and its application


It is very important for us to make our employees feel valued for the hard work they put in to deliver high quality work to our clients. Recognition, rewards and bonuses are just a small way in which we show our appreciation. We cherish their dedication to KALINI TECH and make sure they know it!


We thrive in coaching and leading our people and partners


We value honesty and strong moral principles. It is this mindset and background that ensures we are positioned as progressive partners in our client’s businesses.We initiate solutions, take ownership of issues without passing blame, and operate as a forward-thinking team.


We are dedicated to learning new ideas, developing new technologies, thinking freely and reviewing and challenging existing knowledge. This is to ensure we are always learning,growing and improving our own strategies.


We’re constant learners; soaking up the latest tech trends. This helps us forge an inspiring environment for being creative. This way, we bring in relevant knowledge and skills to each project. We think outside the box. We’re not afraid to experiment, try new methods, and adapt them to specific needs and goals.

Our Commitments

Values aren’t worth the pixels they’re written in if we can’t point to their effect on our behaviour and outcomes. We have four commitments that act as promises to our people, clients and society:

As a tech company we are aware that so much of the environmental impact of our industry is hidden in things like the supply chain of hardware and the energy consumption of servers and cloud solutions. We are always exploring and prioritising solutions that work for our clients and the planet. As a business we pursue sustainable growth, taking a long-term holistic view, and balancing often competing commercial and environmental factors.

Every aspect of what we do and how we do it depends on the expertise, attitude and experience of our people. We love seeing our people thrive, grow and excel. We strive to create and nurture a culture of continuous learning, mentoring, mastering, and sharing. Our clients are our business, and our investment in our individual and collective knowledge allows us to develop better practical solutions for our clients, who repay us by becoming long-term partners and recommending us to others.

Like most businesses we have the power to do good or do harm (either deliberate or unintended). We believe that the choices we make about the work we do and how we do it really matters. We seek impactful work that drives progress, and we support causes that make the world a better place, with 5% of our net profits going to societal and environmental causes.

we know the cost that exclusion and division can have at a personal, cultural and societal level. We believe that creating an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome, valued and free to bring their true self to work is transformative for us as individuals and as a team. We ensure a minimum of 20% of our net profits go to our staff, because being inclusive means including everyone in the success we all create.

Technology we use

We deploy various technologies to meet our clients' needs

Websites Apps UI/UX Database Open source Others
HTML Android Adobe MySQL WordPress Ruby on Rails
CSS IOS Figma PostgreSQL Magento Node.js
Python Flutter Zeplin Firebase Drupal .Net Core
Javascript Ionic React Native MongoDB Laravel
PhP Kotlin Angular

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What is Kalini Tech?

KALINI TECH Is A Software Development Company And SEO Experts With A Track Record Of Building Niche And Innovative Software Solutions Of International Standards That Solve Problems In Our Communities And Help Our Clients Run And Manage Their Businesses Better.


How long does development take?

There are projects finished in 2 to 3 weeks,other tasks take months
We have to evaluate the project complexity and the work scope.Knowing this information, We can provide you with estimated time frame


How do you guarantee quality?

We work in short iteration mode and regularly test the work results, taking into account all customer preferences and the target audience reaction.This approach allows us to provide our customers with high-quality products, observing the specified deadlines.We prioritize quality.


How much will it cost?

We estimate software development cost against the following:

  1. Functional and non-functional requirements
  2. complexity of the project
  3. Specialists involved


What is your customer geography?

We provide our services to customers from all the world,Including locally based clients in Kenya and foreign clients


How can i get started?

Share the details of your project I.e Scope,timeframes or business challenges you'd like to solve.